Grasshopper & the Master

I know, I know, you haven’t been able to sleep for the past week since Matt posted that elusive pic in the yTeam page… IS THERE SOMEONE NEW? ARE THEY FROM MELBOURNE? TELL US MAN, TELL US!!


Well guess what…


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
(This is what happens when you ask your Mum to take a cool, aesthetically pleasing pic for you… 9 takes later and we ran out of party poppers. #NeverTakeForGrantedYourCandidPicTakingFriend )

Now I feel like some of you probably figured it out already (damn you Facebook location tag), but I just wanted to share it officially with all of you so I can share my excitement!!! (It’s like I’ve been holding my breath underwater and now I can finally come up for air!)

That’s right, as of November, this little country VIC girl will be making the move up to the Sunshine State. After 4 years of volunteering/contract facilitation, 11 conference experiences, In Schools, 2x yConnects, and a countless number of incredible people, I’m excited for the opportunity to take my skills to the next level and join the amazing yLead team full time!!

In 2012, when I was a participant at Melbourne ASLC as School Captain of Mansfield Secondary College, it was 3 days that I still remember now. On Real Me night as I sat there reading the notes on my back, tears flooded down my cheeks as I found out there was so much more out there than I ever realised. It gave me confidence in myself and my abilities, and showed me I can aim higher and do some incredible things! Over the past 4 years I’ve had some amazing experiences; being secondary facilitator at Rangatira is something I’ll never forget, seeing the standard of students at SLC and ASLC, being at the first New Zealand Girls For Change, QLD ASLC Leader’s Leader, as well as meeting all of you and being able to call you my family. I’m so thankful for everything yLead has given me and now I’m so excited to be able to give that back to others! 

But, you know, it’s difficult to take my skills to the next level without some tips from someone who’s been doing it for a while. So I enlisted the help of Marina ‘Maz-Dogg’ Di Sipio, to show me a day in the life of a yLead facilitator!


Now really, if we’ve taken anything from this experience, it’s that working for yLead can throw some pretty random things your way (how does a bird just walk into the classroom?? Actually 2 birds!!)… but all I know is I’m ready for the ride and excited to share the journey with all of you!!

Bulk love always and forever, A-Par xxx


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