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*Hurriedly rushes up to you, goes for a hug but is too busy panting, wipes sweat from forehead* HEYYY you guys… Sorry I’m late to the yTalker party, I know I know, it’s a little overdue, but I’m here now and that’s what matters right! (When actually in your mind all that matters is whether or not I brought food to the party.. well I bring you high quality writing, food for thought if you catch my drift *sly face emoji*)

This edition of the yTalker is all about CHANGE. No, not the loose shrapnel that constantly weighs down your pocket (although there could be a good metaphor in that), but LIFE CHANGE! Whether that be embracing something new, dealing with the end, or creating change to make a positive impact… which is highly convenient because it’s the end of another year of uni for most + I’m moving (yes, this is like my journal of life events) + Melbourne Girls For Change happened over the weekend! That’s a whole lotta things to discuss folks!


They say change is as good as a holiday right?? Getting a fresh hair cut, putting new sheets on your bed, or re-decorating your room. These small things can feel awesome, you give yourself a hi-5 as you stand there admiring your handy work. But then there can be big changes too, not without some nervousness and hesitation… Finishing high school, changing your uni degree, moving out of home, starting a new job (it’s like I’m recounting the last 4 years of my life). As these things happen in our lives, it’s not about the events themselves, but rather how we react to them. We can let things overwhelm us, or we can embrace the opportunities and all the smaller things that come with it. Just be like me, move to another state to start a new job, come at me adventures!!!


When it comes to Girls For Change, let’s give a massive fist pump in the air for all the empowered students in Melbourne that attended this killer conference last weekend!

Let me get you up to speed if you’re a little hazy on the deets… Girls For Change runs over 2 days in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland for students who are passionate about making a difference. Melbourne was third up this year (following NZ and Sydney) with an incredibly driven bunch of gals on the receiving end of an amazing lineup of speakers and networkers sharing their experiences and projects. Not to mention the power duo of Bel and Marina, assisted by the awesome squad of Angelique Dunlevie, Karly Banks and Michaela Rowland! 



Now I’m all about being inclusive and not letting anyone miss out, especially when it’s idea bombs that need to be shared! So here is some of the mega greatness that made it’s way out of #MELG4C…

-Start even if you have a small following
-Say YES more
-Learn to say NO
-Combine an issue with what you can do and DO IT
-Collaborate with others
-You don’t need to start something new

Batton down your hatches because I’m about to blow you away with some incredible people and projects. Also can we just address how weird batton down your hatches sounds, like what even is a hatch, and how do you batton it?? But we all know what I’m saying so let’s just move on… 

**Please note I’ve lovingly linked each insta account for the organisations so you can get your stalk on #yourewelcome

  • Roz Campbell – Tsuno: Natural sanitary products donating half of their profits to charities empowering women (currently crowdfunding for tampons – get around it)
  • Larissa Ocampo – One Girl: Educating and empowering girls so that they can change the world
  • Becky Chua – Thankyou: Water, food, baby products and body care supporting life changing projects to help people in need
  • Global Women’s Project: Raising funds for grassroots women to lead change for equality in their communities
  • Pinchapoo: Providing the needy with personal hygiene essentials through donations of ‘pinched’ hotel toiletries
  • Cultural Infusion: Social enterprise working in education/youth/communities/the arts to promote cultural harmony and wellbeing
  • Multilinguals of Melbourne: Sharing stories and capturing the language diversity of individuals in Melbourne
  • Eat Up: Not-for-profit providing free lunches to hungry disadvantaged school kids

And again, massive thanks go to our 3 mentors that helped out over the weekend…

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.20.12 PM.png

Something was said during the Girls For Change conference that has really stuck with me since it ended. It was the idea that we don’t have to create something entirely new to help change the world. Companies such as the Global Women’s Project, which is finding ways to support already existing projects in other countries, is just as amazing and inspiring as people going out there on their own. For me, this comes back to the idea that we, as women, rise by lifting others. No one changes the world on their own, and no one should have to. Women can empower each other, and support each other’s projects, and together we can have a real and lasting impact on the world.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.20.20 PM.png

A person of influence was Kate from Pinchapoo! Kate has been able to improve the lives out countless people unable to afford basic hygiene products through tongue in cheek humour! Sometimes things don’t have to be serious to help a cause! Something said that’s stuck with me was that the best way to move on from failure is to do it quickly! Positive change is important because without change you don’t grow as a person, and aren’t able to learn new thing, and never have any FUN!




Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.20.29 PM.png ANGELIQUE:
Girls for Change always creates sparks and brings back to reality how the small actions and what seem like small ideas can lead to great positive change. Our networkers were absolutely incredible! Honestly five of the most passionate, creative and inspiring individuals. Collectively their messages really identified that social change doesn’t have to start big and honestly can stem from the smallest ideas! Not being afraid to say yes, but also no… kinda crazy I know but ridiculously true!! Think outside the box! Be passionate- without passion it’s difficult to follow through. Don’t be afraid to ask for HELP! Collaboration! Have a person or a squad- support is key! JUST START!!!


Alrightyyyy, while we’re on the topic of awesome people volunteering their awesome time, to make sure our In School’s are as awesome as they can be… since it’s been a while I’m just going to give a gold star to EVERYONE that has helped out in the past 3 weeks!! Some of you I was lucky enough to spend my days with when I was in QLD a few weeks ago. Never underestimate how valued you all are as yTeamers… we love, adore, and applaud everything you do! *Pops party popper in celebration* And shoutout to Kelly Goatham and Zoe-Meredith Brown for helping out over the next two weeks!

Well friends, I think that’s enough from me. Next time we speak (aka you reading me speak in my mind) I’ll be living the Sunshine State life… Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Much love always and forever, A-Par xxx



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