Guess who’s back, back again!

Are the weeks getting shorter or am I just becoming more un-organised with my time delegation by not writing the yTalker?? I mean cut me some slack, I did just move interstate, start a new job, travel to 3 states in 1 week… *glances up at you with big puppy-dog eyes looking for sympathy* Nope? Didn’t work? Ok ok, well I’m here now, so put on the kettle, get comfy, and prepare yourself for all things yLead yeah yeaaahhhh! *starts singing aimless tune in head repeating yeah yeaahhhh over and over again* (and I promise not to let you down with my poor time delegation again… pinky promise)

Where do we even begin my friends! yLead HQ is cray cray busy right now with SO much going on – I’m talking Brisbane Girls For Change, Cambodia Help Out, New Zealand Thrill Out, In Schools, Tanzania prep, not to mention SLC and ASLC Conference planning! *gasps for air* I wasn’t kidding when I said we’re busy!!

SO! Let me give you the low down on everything you’ve missed!


Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of November saw not just a ridiculous view from St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School in Brisbane, but a whole lot of change makers in the one room!! With an amazing array of guest speakers and networkers, the year 9-11 girls were filled with inspiration and ready to put their new found thoughts into ideas.


Guest speakers: Lauren Shuttleworth – Words With Heart, Edda Hamar – Undress Runways, Nicole Gibson – Rogue & Rouge, Claire Deane – Deane and Co
Networkers: Oaktree, Digi Youth Arts, Books & Mortar, Life2Project, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Of course, it wouldn’t have been the amazing weekend it was without a killer team behind it. BEL and MARINA nailed it as per every single day of their lives!! A-PAR (yours truly, 3rd person is weird) with her first full-time job!! And not to mention our ripper volunteers, KELLY GOTHAM and TAYLOR CROSS!! Your time is always valued!

Kelly: A person of influence, especially coming from a business background would be Claire Dean because of her wisdom and insight into digital marketing for both business and social causes. She was so knowledgable and enthusiastic about her work! Something that definitely has stuck by me since G4C is Edda’s wisdom in saying “know your why”, mostly because I’ve come to the realisation that one can only excel and succeed if they have reason to act in one way or another, and so having a reason or passion for a task/career is so important.
Taylor: Girls for change was an amazing and refreshing weekend. I loved watching the girls during the brainstorming and planning session. The process of how they started with simple, small ideas and developed that into a thought-out polished idea and pitched them to the group was a friendly reminder that small beginnings can become bigger and bigger and create positive change.



What an amazing time the school leavers are having in Cambodia! This jam packed trip has seen the team teacher/shovel/fold at Feeding Dreams – the school’s store room is now overflowing with donations, volley ball courts are being created, and everyone’s getting an insight into what Cambodian classrooms are like. The group has visited Angkor Wat, been learning Khmer, rolling round the streets in tuk tuks, zip lining 130m through the rainforest on the Flight of the Gibbon, been receiving artworks from students, trying their tastebuds at Cambodian delicacies like crickets, snakes and frogs, as well as visiting the floating villages.
I don’t know about you but that’s a pretty epic way to spend your schoolies!! And with the epic leaders of Bel, Jacko, Anke, Hannah, and Freddy-B, memories are most definitely being made!!


This morning the teams jetted off to NZ from Melbourne and Brisbane. A week of adventure awaits them!! Stay tuned for the next yTalker for all the thrill seeking deets!



Soooo have you heard that we’re having a totally epic Christmas party for the yTeam (aka YOU) and there’s going to be barefoot bowls (where you actually have to wear socks or thongs) and snags (yLead’s shout) and just general good times, great classic hits! YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T KNOW!! Well if you don’t know, now you knowwww *explicit* (reference Notorious B.I.G. for all you non-R&B peeps, cough Matt Kershaw)

Make sure to RSVP to Mazza the Mad-Dog Di Sipio by Monday 12th December!


Well, I think that’s about all I can cram into your screens for now, as hard as I try. Shout out to all the legends that have given their time for In Schools over the past few weeks as well! (See, I crammed a bit more in there, I told you I try!)

Love you all like a water balloon, my love for you is the water that fills so much it bursts!

Until next time… A-Par xxx


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