Guess who’s back, back again!

Are the weeks getting shorter or am I just becoming more un-organised with my time delegation by not writing the yTalker?? I mean cut me some slack, I did just move interstate, start a new job, travel to 3 states in 1 week… *glances up at you with big puppy-dog eyes looking for sympathy* Nope? Didn’t work? Ok ok, well I’m here now, so put on the kettle, get comfy, and prepare yourself for all things yLead yeah yeaaahhhh! *starts singing aimless tune in head repeating yeah yeaahhhh over and over again* (and I promise not to let you down with my poor time delegation again… pinky promise)

Where do we even begin my friends! yLead HQ is cray cray busy right now with SO much going on – I’m talking Brisbane Girls For Change, Cambodia Help Out, New Zealand Thrill Out, In Schools, Tanzania prep, not to mention SLC and ASLC Conference planning! *gasps for air* I wasn’t kidding when I said we’re busy!!

SO! Let me give you the low down on everything you’ve missed!


Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of November saw not just a ridiculous view from St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School in Brisbane, but a whole lot of change makers in the one room!! With an amazing array of guest speakers and networkers, the year 9-11 girls were filled with inspiration and ready to put their new found thoughts into ideas.


Guest speakers: Lauren Shuttleworth – Words With Heart, Edda Hamar – Undress Runways, Nicole Gibson – Rogue & Rouge, Claire Deane – Deane and Co
Networkers: Oaktree, Digi Youth Arts, Books & Mortar, Life2Project, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Of course, it wouldn’t have been the amazing weekend it was without a killer team behind it. BEL and MARINA nailed it as per every single day of their lives!! A-PAR (yours truly, 3rd person is weird) with her first full-time job!! And not to mention our ripper volunteers, KELLY GOTHAM and TAYLOR CROSS!! Your time is always valued!

Kelly: A person of influence, especially coming from a business background would be Claire Dean because of her wisdom and insight into digital marketing for both business and social causes. She was so knowledgable and enthusiastic about her work! Something that definitely has stuck by me since G4C is Edda’s wisdom in saying “know your why”, mostly because I’ve come to the realisation that one can only excel and succeed if they have reason to act in one way or another, and so having a reason or passion for a task/career is so important.
Taylor: Girls for change was an amazing and refreshing weekend. I loved watching the girls during the brainstorming and planning session. The process of how they started with simple, small ideas and developed that into a thought-out polished idea and pitched them to the group was a friendly reminder that small beginnings can become bigger and bigger and create positive change.



What an amazing time the school leavers are having in Cambodia! This jam packed trip has seen the team teacher/shovel/fold at Feeding Dreams – the school’s store room is now overflowing with donations, volley ball courts are being created, and everyone’s getting an insight into what Cambodian classrooms are like. The group has visited Angkor Wat, been learning Khmer, rolling round the streets in tuk tuks, zip lining 130m through the rainforest on the Flight of the Gibbon, been receiving artworks from students, trying their tastebuds at Cambodian delicacies like crickets, snakes and frogs, as well as visiting the floating villages.
I don’t know about you but that’s a pretty epic way to spend your schoolies!! And with the epic leaders of Bel, Jacko, Anke, Hannah, and Freddy-B, memories are most definitely being made!!


This morning the teams jetted off to NZ from Melbourne and Brisbane. A week of adventure awaits them!! Stay tuned for the next yTalker for all the thrill seeking deets!



Soooo have you heard that we’re having a totally epic Christmas party for the yTeam (aka YOU) and there’s going to be barefoot bowls (where you actually have to wear socks or thongs) and snags (yLead’s shout) and just general good times, great classic hits! YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T KNOW!! Well if you don’t know, now you knowwww *explicit* (reference Notorious B.I.G. for all you non-R&B peeps, cough Matt Kershaw)

Make sure to RSVP to Mazza the Mad-Dog Di Sipio by Monday 12th December!


Well, I think that’s about all I can cram into your screens for now, as hard as I try. Shout out to all the legends that have given their time for In Schools over the past few weeks as well! (See, I crammed a bit more in there, I told you I try!)

Love you all like a water balloon, my love for you is the water that fills so much it bursts!

Until next time… A-Par xxx


Change it up

*Hurriedly rushes up to you, goes for a hug but is too busy panting, wipes sweat from forehead* HEYYY you guys… Sorry I’m late to the yTalker party, I know I know, it’s a little overdue, but I’m here now and that’s what matters right! (When actually in your mind all that matters is whether or not I brought food to the party.. well I bring you high quality writing, food for thought if you catch my drift *sly face emoji*)

This edition of the yTalker is all about CHANGE. No, not the loose shrapnel that constantly weighs down your pocket (although there could be a good metaphor in that), but LIFE CHANGE! Whether that be embracing something new, dealing with the end, or creating change to make a positive impact… which is highly convenient because it’s the end of another year of uni for most + I’m moving (yes, this is like my journal of life events) + Melbourne Girls For Change happened over the weekend! That’s a whole lotta things to discuss folks!


They say change is as good as a holiday right?? Getting a fresh hair cut, putting new sheets on your bed, or re-decorating your room. These small things can feel awesome, you give yourself a hi-5 as you stand there admiring your handy work. But then there can be big changes too, not without some nervousness and hesitation… Finishing high school, changing your uni degree, moving out of home, starting a new job (it’s like I’m recounting the last 4 years of my life). As these things happen in our lives, it’s not about the events themselves, but rather how we react to them. We can let things overwhelm us, or we can embrace the opportunities and all the smaller things that come with it. Just be like me, move to another state to start a new job, come at me adventures!!!


When it comes to Girls For Change, let’s give a massive fist pump in the air for all the empowered students in Melbourne that attended this killer conference last weekend!

Let me get you up to speed if you’re a little hazy on the deets… Girls For Change runs over 2 days in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland for students who are passionate about making a difference. Melbourne was third up this year (following NZ and Sydney) with an incredibly driven bunch of gals on the receiving end of an amazing lineup of speakers and networkers sharing their experiences and projects. Not to mention the power duo of Bel and Marina, assisted by the awesome squad of Angelique Dunlevie, Karly Banks and Michaela Rowland! 



Now I’m all about being inclusive and not letting anyone miss out, especially when it’s idea bombs that need to be shared! So here is some of the mega greatness that made it’s way out of #MELG4C…

-Start even if you have a small following
-Say YES more
-Learn to say NO
-Combine an issue with what you can do and DO IT
-Collaborate with others
-You don’t need to start something new

Batton down your hatches because I’m about to blow you away with some incredible people and projects. Also can we just address how weird batton down your hatches sounds, like what even is a hatch, and how do you batton it?? But we all know what I’m saying so let’s just move on… 

**Please note I’ve lovingly linked each insta account for the organisations so you can get your stalk on #yourewelcome

  • Roz Campbell – Tsuno: Natural sanitary products donating half of their profits to charities empowering women (currently crowdfunding for tampons – get around it)
  • Larissa Ocampo – One Girl: Educating and empowering girls so that they can change the world
  • Becky Chua – Thankyou: Water, food, baby products and body care supporting life changing projects to help people in need
  • Global Women’s Project: Raising funds for grassroots women to lead change for equality in their communities
  • Pinchapoo: Providing the needy with personal hygiene essentials through donations of ‘pinched’ hotel toiletries
  • Cultural Infusion: Social enterprise working in education/youth/communities/the arts to promote cultural harmony and wellbeing
  • Multilinguals of Melbourne: Sharing stories and capturing the language diversity of individuals in Melbourne
  • Eat Up: Not-for-profit providing free lunches to hungry disadvantaged school kids

And again, massive thanks go to our 3 mentors that helped out over the weekend…

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.20.12 PM.png

Something was said during the Girls For Change conference that has really stuck with me since it ended. It was the idea that we don’t have to create something entirely new to help change the world. Companies such as the Global Women’s Project, which is finding ways to support already existing projects in other countries, is just as amazing and inspiring as people going out there on their own. For me, this comes back to the idea that we, as women, rise by lifting others. No one changes the world on their own, and no one should have to. Women can empower each other, and support each other’s projects, and together we can have a real and lasting impact on the world.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.20.20 PM.png

A person of influence was Kate from Pinchapoo! Kate has been able to improve the lives out countless people unable to afford basic hygiene products through tongue in cheek humour! Sometimes things don’t have to be serious to help a cause! Something said that’s stuck with me was that the best way to move on from failure is to do it quickly! Positive change is important because without change you don’t grow as a person, and aren’t able to learn new thing, and never have any FUN!




Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.20.29 PM.png ANGELIQUE:
Girls for Change always creates sparks and brings back to reality how the small actions and what seem like small ideas can lead to great positive change. Our networkers were absolutely incredible! Honestly five of the most passionate, creative and inspiring individuals. Collectively their messages really identified that social change doesn’t have to start big and honestly can stem from the smallest ideas! Not being afraid to say yes, but also no… kinda crazy I know but ridiculously true!! Think outside the box! Be passionate- without passion it’s difficult to follow through. Don’t be afraid to ask for HELP! Collaboration! Have a person or a squad- support is key! JUST START!!!


Alrightyyyy, while we’re on the topic of awesome people volunteering their awesome time, to make sure our In School’s are as awesome as they can be… since it’s been a while I’m just going to give a gold star to EVERYONE that has helped out in the past 3 weeks!! Some of you I was lucky enough to spend my days with when I was in QLD a few weeks ago. Never underestimate how valued you all are as yTeamers… we love, adore, and applaud everything you do! *Pops party popper in celebration* And shoutout to Kelly Goatham and Zoe-Meredith Brown for helping out over the next two weeks!

Well friends, I think that’s enough from me. Next time we speak (aka you reading me speak in my mind) I’ll be living the Sunshine State life… Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Much love always and forever, A-Par xxx


Hell yeahhh NZ!

What’s one of the most talked about Aus/Kiwi interactions besides the rugby and who can claim rights to pavlova and Pharlap??… Did I hear someone shout RANGATIRA!! Well 10 points to you sir, that is correct!! (And pavlova’s totally ours btw)

Last week Rotorua NZ was shaken up with loud music, wild dancing, Hawaiian shirts, and unrivalled enthusiasm! Can I get a HELL YEAHHHH for what was an energising, reigniting, fire burning 3 days!


And to add a cherry to what’s already an excessively humungous cake (like picture one of those tiered cakes that’s so high its starting to teeter at the top and there’s a whole lot of icing oozing from the layers and there’s no way you’re going to be able to cut that bad boy and distribute it in nice even segments, but it’s glorious).. umm where was I, oh yeah, something EXTRA special to Rangatira 2016 was celebrating it’s


(See, that definitely deserves the massive cake I was just describing).

It’s incredible to think that the idea of 3 young men on Day 3 Brainstorming at Brisbane ASLC 2012 has turned into something so remarkable, impacting so many students. With the help of the yLead staff and the NZ schools, magic is able to be made each year, with many more to come in the future! It goes to show that if you have an idea you can achieve some amazing things!!

(Cheers for the quality FB scrolling to get to that pic Shaq)

Liam Hae Hae is known amongst the yTeam for his humour, his heart, and for this picture… (you’re welcome world)


And since he’s been involved in all 5 Rangatira conferences, Liam’s sharing 5 lessons he’s learnt over those years…

1- It took a single spark to ignite a raging blaze. The Rangatira conference was built off an idea three young men had. Once we lit that fire it grew and grew from there.

2- Talk is cheap. Going away from conference you can have every idea to change the world but all of that is meaningless unless you back it up with action.

3- Let your passion drive you. Find the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning and never let it go. Let it be the guiding light on your journey to happiness.

4- Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s through this failure that we learn the greatest lesson of all and that is that we are not perfect. You will fail but you have a decision to make either you do the same thing or you learn from that mistake and GROW.

5- Love yourself. Be confident in yourself. Wake up every morning and love that person in the mirror cause they are unique. You are special and only you can change the world in your own unique way. So don’t follow the crowd. Be that 0.06% that is different.

And now we’re throwing the spotlight over to the Rangatira Team of 2016. What was their highlights from the past few days???



I’m so grateful to have been apart of Rangatira 2016. I still can’t quite sum it up in words how special the experience was. My biggest highlight would have to have been the closing ceremony. I couldn’t have been more proud of what each of the mentors achieved with their squads. The student’s appreciation and gratitude for us as a team moved me to tears and I’m ridiculously proud of what we achieved as a team on conference!


My highlight of conference was seeing how we as a New Zealand yTeam have grown so much since 2012. We now have a solid team of leaders and gurus who are able to run an amazing conference.


Besides seeing the legendary Liam Hae Hae dressed as a beautiful African woman for our ad, an outstanding highlight was witnessing my group members growth to be the best ‘them’ that they can be. Just like yLead encouraged me to be.


The highlight for me was how the team really involved themselves in the conference. There was no sitting at the back or standing to the side, even during the workbook activities. The entire team took part in the conference as leaders, and as participants, and it really made a difference.


The best part about my Rangatira experience was watching all the participants grow as people over a period of 3 short days!


During one of our last team meetings I was simply walking around the room with a huge grin on my face. Our team had combined to create something truly wonderful. It’s a simple moment that I will never forget.


I believe that watching the growth of confidence, and strength when the participants were pushed outside their comfort zones was the best part.


Amazing to see Liam and Matt achieve 5 years and was a highlight to share my gratitude and thanks to them.


Rangatira was my first ever conference, and it was an overwhelming experience both in terms of learning about myself as a leader and renewing my drive and passion, and also of the people who have fast become family.


My highlight of Rangatira 2016 would be seeing how much Team Taco came out of their comfort zones to perform such a great skit at the closing ceremony.


My favourite part of conference was sitting with some of the boys and singing Waiata (Maori songs) with them. It gave me a platform to connect with them throughout the rest of conference.


I was mindblown by the talents and open nature each and every participant had. The life-long connections I made with people expanded and grew within the span of 3 days.


A highlight would have to be the girls haka. It was the end of day 3, Matt had just finished his goodbye speech and the Napier Girls clan started an amazing haka. I’ve seen that haka performed many times, I’ve even lead it myself, and I can safely say that was the strongest, most passionate performance I have ever witnessed.


From left: Elise, Isobel, Seamus, Ollie, Liam, Tegan, Te Ohorere, Eliot, Arapeta, Taryn, Jack, Angelique, Jordyn

Shout out to the absolutely PHENOMENAL team for an incredible conference.

  • First time fierce mentors: Isobel, Arapeta, Taryn, Jack, Jordyn
  • Second time in the dark blue, first time at Rangatira: Te Ohorere & Elise
  • Second time superstar mentor: Tegan
  • Guru greatness: Liam, Eliot, Seamus, Ollie
  • First time legendary Leader’s Leader: Angelique
  • Freaking fantastic Facilitators: Matt & Bel

Matt & Bel – Thank YOU for sharing your wisdom, passion, energy and love with all the students and mentors!

And to the yLead staff for all the behind the scenes prep too! Your efforts do not go unnoticed!!

(hell) Yeah!














(That spells yLead Rangatira with words from the team in case you were wondering what all those random letters are…)

And to finish us off, I thought these words from Ollie summed it up nicely…

“yLead is an organisation that, instead of changing lives, opens people up to who they really are inside; it enables and frees young leaders. I am so proud of this team for showing an extraordinary group of human beings that we all have a unique greatness within us. If you know who you are, your mission in life and how you are going to get there, then you will change the world.” – Ollie Penno

Much love to all you world changers, A-Par xx

Find your FIRE

Well hellooooooo you young, spritely bunch. As I’m sitting on a crowded train home from a day of work, uni, and Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, I’m thinking about all of you (aww cute I know). Well actually, I’ll admit, I’m thinking about Scientology, random I know, but I saw Louis Thereoux’s documentary last week (go see it, seriously!) and it got me thinking… About how our minds are such powerful things and can achieve some really big stuff. (I’m now trying to train my mind to be a Jedi master in not eating cake.. That can work right??)

But i think the whole topic of attitude and realising what your mind and body is capable of segways perfectly into the little guest I’ve welcomed to the yTalker club this week. (I know, pat on the back for not even planning this deliberately). 

Bartholomew Walsh is a living legend of the yTeam. Beginning his yLead journey in 2008 (some of you were still in Primary School, yeah this just got real) in Melbourne, this country VIC boss has shone across Aus and NZ with yLead! (He was also my mentor when I was a participant in 2012.. Talk about a lineage of greatness!) After an unexpected turn in his health, Bart has battled through challenges to come out stronger and more determined then ever! 

I asked Bart to write free and impart any goodness he had to offer (which is a lot FYI). Brace yourselves…

Let me ask you something. And let’s be honest here. I don’t have time for dishonesty.
Do you walk your talk?
Do you practice what you preach?
And do you validate every statement you make with a bigger and bolder actions?
I can definitively and objectively say yes I do.
However, it is becoming terrifyingly more apparent that 99.9% of people don’t. This breaks my heart.
Let me give you some context. I’m staring down the barrel of a second jaw reconstruction. Something that will not only cripple my body even more than it is, but something that will stretch my resilience to a point of limitless abandon. The saving grace? No cancer this time around. That battle is seemingly over.
I’m lucky.
I have been gifted a particular wisdom through some unfortunate adversity. And from what Kershaw has taught me, when you are gifted with something special, you share it sucka. This is something that I want to share with you now.
Hear these words with your heart, not your ears.

You need fire.

We know we need to be a spark that ignites a blaze, but shit son, if you don’t take that blaze and let it envelop every corner of your being, you are destined for that 99.9%. This blaze is your passion.
We often talk about passion being the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, but how many of you can honestly say they have such a rich thing in your life? And I don’t want to hear the things we hear about year, after year at conference. Yes, I have an abundance of respect for those who want to be teachers and doctors, but do you really want to develop young brains through education, or are you doing it because someone else has done it and said it was rewarding?
I don’t want you to feel bad if you don’t have that thing that makes your heart explode when you talk about it. You just haven’t found it yet. I do however want you to do one thing for me;

Don’t ever stop searching for it. As soon as you settle for the ordinary, you limit your potential. As soon as you settle for whatever everyone else is doing, you lose you.

The best example is in the city at 8:30am. Have a look at the people with headphones in, heading to work to spend another day indoors pressing buttons on an arbitrary piece of technology. We are not on this earth to do this.
On the flip side you can tell the people that have their fire. They don’t work a day in their lives. They have a genuine care and love when they talk to you, and they are, wait for it… Happy!
Guys, I implore, beg and plead you;
Never settle for ordinary, and find your fire. Then let that sucker validate every statement you make with bigger and bolder actions.
I’m lucky.
There are so many things that should snuff my fire; operations, medications, therapy, but man, my fire is so damn enormous nothing will shut this baby down. I choose to be bigger than the roadblocks.
 I live to make people healthier physically, nutritionally and spiritually. I live to change paradigms and challenge the norm.
Over the past few days I travelled to Indonesia to partake in the inaugural Tough Mudder Indonesia. 7 days later I will be in Malaysia to tackle the Malaysian Spartan Beast. These are half marathon obstacle courses, compiling of 30kg sandbag carries, 3 metre walls and all the while being in the jungle. Two years ago the doctors said I would never run again.

Never settle for ordinary,

Walk your talk,

Validate every statement you make with bigger actions.

Now stop.
Don’t let this article be one of the handful you read on Facebook each week and then forget.
If you are with me, and if you are with yLead, let this be a turning point.
Stop and remember that feeling you had when you left conference or in-school program. That’s the fire. Don’t ever forget that feeling. Let it sit in you, then get out there and change lives.
Not tomorrow, now.
It’s your turn to be lucky.


I told you he was good didn’t I! Bart, thank you. For rekindling the fire that’s already burning within each of us. You bring so much inspiration and value to the yTeam. We’ll be cheering for you all across Aus & NZ when you nail your upcoming competitions!!


Oh yeah, hey, I’m still here. I couldn’t leave without giving a shout out to the incredible yTeamer’s that volunteered at In School’s this fortnight…

Nathan Bassett, Kelly Goatham & Taylor Cross!



3rd October – St Columba’s College, VIC (Yr 12) –

5th October – Loreto College, QLD (Yr 11) – Xanthia Bourdaniotis, Taylor Cross

7th October – St Ursula’s College (Toowoomba) QLD (Yr 9) – Taylor Cross

10th October – Redcliffe SHS, QLD (Yr 8 & 11 Leaders) – Kelly Goatham

10th October – Mt Gravatt SHS, QLD (Yr 11) – Curt McLachlan

10th October – The Gap SHS, QLD (Yr 11) – Curt McLachlan

11th October – Gold Coast City Council Junior Leaders Day, QLD – Tiana Reardon, Phil  Choi, Taylor Cross

12th October – QASMT, QLD (SRC) – Taylor Cross

12th October – Mirani SHS, QLD (Yr 6 – 11) –

13th October – Roseville College, NSW (Yr 12) –

13th October – Our Lady of Mercy College, NSW (Yr 9) –

14th October – Mercy Catholic College, NSW (Yr 9) –

14th October – St Ursula’s College (Toowoomba) QLD (Yr 7) –

Well friends, I know I’m feeling fired up and ready to tackle each day with passion. What’s the reason YOU get up each morning??

So much love always and forever, A-Par xxx

Grasshopper & the Master

I know, I know, you haven’t been able to sleep for the past week since Matt posted that elusive pic in the yTeam page… IS THERE SOMEONE NEW? ARE THEY FROM MELBOURNE? TELL US MAN, TELL US!!


Well guess what…


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
(This is what happens when you ask your Mum to take a cool, aesthetically pleasing pic for you… 9 takes later and we ran out of party poppers. #NeverTakeForGrantedYourCandidPicTakingFriend )

Now I feel like some of you probably figured it out already (damn you Facebook location tag), but I just wanted to share it officially with all of you so I can share my excitement!!! (It’s like I’ve been holding my breath underwater and now I can finally come up for air!)

That’s right, as of November, this little country VIC girl will be making the move up to the Sunshine State. After 4 years of volunteering/contract facilitation, 11 conference experiences, In Schools, 2x yConnects, and a countless number of incredible people, I’m excited for the opportunity to take my skills to the next level and join the amazing yLead team full time!!

In 2012, when I was a participant at Melbourne ASLC as School Captain of Mansfield Secondary College, it was 3 days that I still remember now. On Real Me night as I sat there reading the notes on my back, tears flooded down my cheeks as I found out there was so much more out there than I ever realised. It gave me confidence in myself and my abilities, and showed me I can aim higher and do some incredible things! Over the past 4 years I’ve had some amazing experiences; being secondary facilitator at Rangatira is something I’ll never forget, seeing the standard of students at SLC and ASLC, being at the first New Zealand Girls For Change, QLD ASLC Leader’s Leader, as well as meeting all of you and being able to call you my family. I’m so thankful for everything yLead has given me and now I’m so excited to be able to give that back to others! 

But, you know, it’s difficult to take my skills to the next level without some tips from someone who’s been doing it for a while. So I enlisted the help of Marina ‘Maz-Dogg’ Di Sipio, to show me a day in the life of a yLead facilitator!


Now really, if we’ve taken anything from this experience, it’s that working for yLead can throw some pretty random things your way (how does a bird just walk into the classroom?? Actually 2 birds!!)… but all I know is I’m ready for the ride and excited to share the journey with all of you!!

Bulk love always and forever, A-Par xxx

Havin’ a laff

Well my friends we meet again, a few weeks older, a few weeks wiser, a few more adventures under our collective belt!! (Yes yes, I know you’re all thinking it, A-Par.. wasn’t it your birthday since the last yTalker? Why thank you, and I know you’re all wondering how I keep my youthful glow and effortless complexion, secrets of the game my friends)

Ok that’s enough smack talk from me. I don’t know about other states, but down here in cloudy, occasionally sunny, VIC its mid-semester exam time! I don’t even have exams but found myself at uni studying every day! (that 3rd year life). Well I’ve come up with the perfect solution to give you a 10 minute break and some knee slapping laughs.

With Rangatira and Sydney conferences fast approaching (My excitement levels are legit peaking… once these two conferences throw down some mega greatness, we move on to Term 4 In Schools, 2 x Girls For Change, then Schoolies Alternatives, then Marina turns 21, then Christmas, then Tanzania Immersion, then New Years, then SLC, then ASLC – OMG I’m getting a sweaty brow just thinking about it). Sorry, back to it, with Rangatira and Sydney fast approaching, I thought I’d seek some help from previous mentors to hear their favourite jokes and provide you with some epic lols (or maybe less epic, border line creepy smirks as we sit looking at our phones in a public place, trying not to look too obvious).


LIAM HAE HAE (NZ): What happened to the Blue car? It Blue up. What happened to the wooden car? It wooden go. What happened to the steel and wooden car? It steel wooden go.

SEAMUS BARNETT (NZ): Recently in court i was found guilty of being egotistical. I am appealing.

DOM PARENTE (SYD): Did you here about the two guys that stole the calendar? They got 6 months each.

TEGAN PETERS (NZ): Why did Sally fall off the swing? Because she had no arms… Knock knock. Who’s there? Not Sally.

LUKE JOBSON (SYD): A bear walks into a bar and says to the bartender, “I’ll have a pint of beer and a………. packet of peanuts.” The bartender asks, “Why the big pause?”

ELIOT FENTON (NZ): What did the cow say to the other cow? Moooooove over. 

KENDRA VAN DER LINDEN (NZ): Whoever invented knock-knock jokes deserves a no-bell prize.


I think some of our mentors were channeling Father’s Day with those ‘Dad joke’ grade jokes. But don’t deny it, you cracked a smile, go on, I feel those corners of your mouth moving up. No? No? Well here’s a video that gets me every time then… Hopping llama

Ahh those llamas, they’ll get ya every time!

Now from old mentors, we pass the baton onto the new Rangatira and Sydney teams for 2016. *Clears throat* Hear ye, hear ye… Announcing the kick butt crews of 2k16…



Taylor Cross

Will Flockhart

Kennedy Tjandramulia

Madi Morris


Angelique Dunlevie

Ollie Penno

Arapeta Anaherapaea

Taryn Hopkins

Seamus Barnett

Jordyn Tereu

Eliot Fenton

Isabel Pepper

Tegan Peters

Jack Smith Ballingall

Elise Trow

Te Ohorere Williams

I know, I know… How are these cities going to make it out alive after these guys drop such massive bombs of awesome? Alert the press, headlines are about to be made!

10 points to each of these phenomenal yTeamer’s that have helped out in the past few weeks…

Nathan Bassett, Taylor Cross, Angelique Dunlevie, Maz Alepidis, Xanthia Bourdaniotis, Madi Morris and Will Flockhart

And coming up…

12th September – Rockhampton Grammar School – QLD (Yr 9 Boys) –

13th September – Mt Gravatt SHS – QLD (Yr 10) Nathan Bassett

13th September – Canterbury College – QLD (Yr 11) –

14th September – Rockhampton Grammar School – QLD (Yr 9 Girls) –

14th September – St Ursula’s College (Yeppoon) QLD (Yr 11) –

15th September – St Patrick’s College (Gympie) QLD (Yr 7) – Kelly Gotham

15th September – Corinda SHS – QLD (Yr 11) –

16th September – All Hallows – QLD (Yr 11) – Taylor Cross, Nathan Bassett, Felicity Jones

19th September – Catherine McAuley College – NSW (Yr 10 & 11 Leaders) –

20th September – Kincoppal Rose Bay – NSW (Yr 4 & 5) –

Well friends, like I said, we have some big events coming up, so fasten those seat belts (as tight as Chris on this ride, frightened for his life…) and get ready for some amazing, inspiring, blood pumping, motivating, wonder wall greatness!


So much love to each of you as per usual, seriously, my heart is full to the brim with love for you, as much as I love apple scrolls, which is a lot, just ask everyone I work with!

Until next time, A-Par xxx


WELL HOWDY HOOOO YTEAMERS!!! Happy almost out of winter! I for one (and I’m sure all my fellow south-siders will back me up) am happy to see the sun making it’s way through the clouds! Legit, this week reached 18 degrees and you bet I whipped out my favourite skirt for the occasion!!

This week I wanted to shine the spotlight on 4 UP AND COMING yTeamers!! Imagine we’re the audience and they’re standing on stage, but it’s one of those spotlights that’s a little too bright so they have to hold up their hand to see past their feet. Anyway, that information is irrelevant, what IS important is that these 4 have been dedicating mega hours of time to yLead and we want to give them props for being the #nextGen of the yTeam. 


MADISON MORRIS // 18 // Beecroft NSW // 1st year Bachelor of Urban Planning (Macquarie University) // 2013 Sydney ASLC // Fave quote: ‘Life is tough, but so are you’
WILL FLOCKHART (right) // 18 // Rockhampton > Sydney // 1st year Bachelor of Advanced Health Science (University of Sydney) // 2015 Brisbane ASLC & Thrill Out // Fave quote: ‘If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people and things’
OLIVIA TURNER (right) // 18 // Melbourne // 1st year Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Australian Catholic University) // 2016 yConnect // Fave quote: ‘Self-love is an ocean and your heart is a vessel – make it full and any excess will spill over into the lives of people you hold dear, but you must come first’
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ZOE MEREDITH-BROWN // 17 // Forest Lake, Brisbane // 1st year Bachelor of Nursing // 2015 Brisbane ASLC // Fave quote: ‘Not all those who wander are lost’
What do you love about yLead?
I love the positive environment it creates and ability to see so many young people smiling as they learn new and great things every day.
I really like that everyone is so friendly, positive and super happy. It’s awesome that my experiences keep growing from leadership workshops at school, to ASLC, to Thrill Out and now In Schools.
I love that everyone has amazing social skills so the whole awkward stage of getting to know each other is skipped and you instantly feel comfortable around them.
I love meeting new people and growing friendships with the people who I can learn so much from.
What’s the reason you get out of bed every morning?
One thing I love to do is meet new people so every day for me is an opportunity to get to know a new face.
To start a new day fresh with an open mind where I can do things I’ve never done before. Getting out of bed is like Bilbo Baggins says, “I’m going on an adventure”.
The satisfaction of getting into bed at night feeling like you really deserve your sleep after a long day, whether you’ve made a huge change or just been busy with little errands.
Well if I get my normal 8 hours that’s 8 hours that someone hasn’t laughed at my mad jokes and that’s just too long!
What’s one life lesson you’ve learnt?
No matter what you do, be a good person. A good person will always have opportunities and be able to have a positive influence on themselves and others.
Not to judge people on face value. I feel like people are quick to presume and judge. But everyone is different so it’s important to have an open mind and positive attitude.
Always go with your gut feeling, whether it’s a person, situation or shopping decision.
It’s okay to be weird, because honestly those who aren’t weird stand out a lot more!
What’s your crazy, scary, big dream?
I’d love to travel the world and experience as many different countries as I could in one year.
To set up free and equitable health care that the whole world can use. It’s a basic human right that so many can’t access.
To one day be working as a Speech Pathologist in a Neurology ward of a hospital and travelling the world in between.
I want to travel to Africa and Cambodia and teach young women and children about basic health skills and first aid training!
If you could have 1 super power, what would it be and why?
I’d be invisible. I love playing tricks on people and being invisible would make it so much easier!
To fly. So I can gain a new perspective of the world from up high, plus flying’s cool so why not.
I always say I’d love to read minds, but I think it would be just as negative as it is positive, there’s a reason we don’t say everything we think….
FLY! Then I could travel and see the world so easily!
Speed round:
1. Top of a mountain/bottom of the sea?
2. Road trip or plane trip?
3. Giraffe or zebra?
4. Brownie or burger?
1. Top of a mountain
2. Road trip
3. Giraffe
4. Burger
1. Top of a mountain
2. Plane trip
3. Giraffe
4. Burger, but would prefer pizza (I really love pizza)
1. Top of a mountain
2. Road trip
3. Giraffe
4. Brownie
1. Bottom of the sea
2. Road trip
3. Zebra
4. Brownie

After being involved with yLead for 4 years now (I’m pretty much a veteran) it’s exciting to see the passion and excitement is still present in the new yTeamers coming through. With volunteers coming and going, we appreciate the time, energy and commitment each person brings. Here’s to the old AND the new! 

And finally, as always, all my love/affection/endearment/smiles/vibes/happiness are being bottled up, packaged super nicely with a bow, and sent express to these beautiful human beings for giving their time to help at an IN SCHOOL this past fortnight…

Taylor Cross, Lucy Gregg, Cassie Moss, Curt McLachlan, Zoe Meredith-Brown, Michaela Rowland, Olivia Turner, Xanthia Bourdaniotis and Nathan Bassett.

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And coming up…

22nd – 24th August – Hughenden State School – QLD (Whole School)

26th August – St Clare’s College – ACT (Yr 11)

26th August – St Ignatius College – NSW (Yr 11) – Madi Morris, Will Flockhart

29th August – St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace – QLD (Yr 10)

29th – 30th August – Rockhampton Grammar School – QLD (Yr 11) –

31st August – Rose Bay Public School – NSW (Yr 5) –

1st August – St Francis College – QLD (Yr 11) –

2nd August – Somerset College – QLD (Yr 8& 9) – Nathan Bassett

Well friends, there you have it! As I’m sitting on my bed surrounded by laundry that needs folding, eating shapes (defs not as good as the original), and brain ticking over all the assignments I have to do, I’m re-energised after seeing all the awesome things you guys get up to on Facey, Insta, and in the yTalker!

Much love always, A-Par xxx